I almost left my heart in Halifax


Thank you good people of Halifax and Halifax Pop Explosion for the incredibly fun week which I truly hope to remember. Highlights include:

  • Finding myself in the midst of some hotel after-party with a bunch of musicians who seem cooler in a way that comics are not. Is it the happiness? The being able on stage to just turn off your minds (so it seems) and go into your feelings and emote and play music?
  • Feeling incredible longing for another comic’s company in the hotel after-party room full of a bunch of musicians
  • Having an incredibly interested and thoughtful and present audience for HPX and then a half hour later at some comedy club having one audience member physically threaten me before leaving the room after the god-shoving-cocks-into-his-mouth joke
  • Having another audience member at some comedy club the next night yell out “boring” and then telling him that his opinion doesn’t matter and then the audience applauding and then finishing with the god-shoving-cocks-into-his-mouth joke
  • Having the next comic on stage tell the offending audience member to eat a dick
  • Almost getting laid
  • Standing at the back of countless pop shows thinking “jesus christ these musicians have it easy. Sure maybe they suffer for their art offstage just like everyone else but then if when onstage they don’t suffer what’s the point? And no wonder people enjoy music more and musicians get paid more because they put on this crazy spectacle which allows people to really enjoy themselves.” Wanting to sleep with them all
  • The ridiculously hospitable people of IOU Music providing me with free beer and a place to stay warm from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. Being asked “what band are you in?” by all the musicians also hanging out and sitting down. Truly my homeless shelter away from homeless shelter
  • Handing out a self-promotional “I Have a Problem…” button to someone apparently quite genuinely interested in comedy and then half an hour later returning to ask whether the giving him of the pin was a bit obnoxious or it was ok
  • Being introduced for my set as “from New York” and then afterwards a woman with a microphone coming up to me and saying “my name is X and I’m from a television channel called the CB--” and my saying “yeah I know what the CBC is”
  • Just the incredibly kind and generous and open people of Halifax. The present and conscientious HPX organizers. The woman on the last night who gave me the shawarma she said she no longer wanted to eat