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David Heti is a stand-up comic of two comedy albums. He has degrees in Philosophy and Law and teaches comedy writing at McGill University and the Flying Books School of Reading & Writing. Doug Stanhope has called him a "fucking brilliant comic."

David divides his time between Toronto and Montreal and tours regularly across Canada and the United States. He has performed in cities such as Berlin, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and London, and he puts on very fine house shows. He has had good times at JFL42, and bad times at SF Sketchfest. He has written for and acted and spoken on CBC.

David on stage has been described as scarily drily funny; deftly subversive; dark, bleak and wickedly ironic; outlandishly harsh and thought-provoking; brutally funny and savagely honest; and a painful mirror for us all to look into.

I suppose the latest thing would be The Mile Enders on CBC Gem. Now this, me walking home, is the latest thing.