I Have a Problem, With David Heti is a podcast on indefinite hiatus. I would invite onto the show friends and people who know me well to explain to me a problem they have with me. Not only was it hard emotionally at times, but it was difficult to find people who wanted to be guests. That is, while there were people who had problems with me, certainly, not all of these people would care enough about me or my comedy projects to want to do anything to help either along.

The podcast can be found on all of iTunes, Stitcher and No More Radio.


One listener wrote unsolicited:

Ok, I feel obligated to give you my opinion about each of your podcasts, but at the same time I'm revealing that I'm binge listening, which is maybe creepy or stalkerish. So don't be upset if I show up in Toronto or Saskatchewan or wherever you are, out of the blue, and try to cut off one of your fingers or something. You've seen Taxi Driver, right? You've been warned.

So this podcast depressed me and inspired me about stand-up. Because I'm about to have to probably re-enter the professional world that Dom so eloquently lambasts as empty and lacking in meaning. And it's been a life-long tension I've had between making money and being respectable or doing what I really want and being impoverished. My wife would LIKE to support me in my creative pursuits and overall life enjoyment, but we're just not there and we may never be. So I mope around a lot when I could be moping on stage. Then I started looking at my numerous bad jokes and got frustrated. I should just go out and perform even if the jokes are bad, because how else would I get good, yadda yadda.

Anyway, Dom was talking about his fear of dying alone and it actually wound up inspiring a new joke about my marriage. I've been working this angle since I started and I've never really gotten where I wanted to be. But at least I have a new joke, whether or not it's funny or any good is immaterial. It's a joke I at least want to try.

So thanks Dom and you.