you see?

No! No lymphoma. No lymphoma!'s what you should've...

Nobody tell anyone this joke is here. No one will appreciate it--parents of children terribly ill or a bit dim; Bahamians; those familiar with far better jokes; people fortunate enough never to have been incredibly bored waiting to board a flight.

But do you see why this is so much richer than twitter? Being able, actually, to provide some context to what would've otherwise been simply some cheap moment, stripped of whatever attempt to distance oneself from that moment?

Anyway, I used to have a Children's Wish Foundation joke, but it just never seemed to work. Then it was revived years later, less gratuitous and more critical of Big Oil, but even that really didn't seem to warrant--actually, it's a good one to revisit.

Why the hell would the people in Business Class want to sit on a plane for an extra 20 minutes anyway? I don't know. I don't understand how that's a good thing.