no choice

So many complicated emotions, arguably, about not taking the flight that I could have taken. Supposed to be in L.A. for a show this evening but then there were strong headwinds (apparently) and then passengers with some sort of random designation on their boarding passes were told that they could not board. I was not one of those designated randomly and there was a moment of relief, but, then, they went back and announced that those others who were not designated and would give up their seats would receive an $800 voucher for future air travel. (Whether for one purchase or flight alone could not be verified.)

There is show tonight (on which I am booked), but not a great show tonight, though it's in a great room apparently. I don't have much money, and a flight is a flight is a flight, but, money comes and goes, yet, a voucher for a future flight isn't really so much of a money-saving event as it is a promise of the eventual spending of more money. Will this voucher flight be one I'll have had to have taken anyway? (How so?) Will it be or have been a wholly elective flight? Will it lead to more stand-up? Will it lead to more, better stand-up adventure?

I had no place to sleep tonight and the plan was to arrive at the show and make friends and go to another show and then be taken in for the night. That would have led to some show and some friends and community, possibly, whereas now I have a hotel room (complimentarily) and I will be sitting there alone in a room that could be anywhere (i.e., not in the heart of the entertainment world). But, isn't that the whole point of the trip? That is, to be out and doing weird things? (But, then, cannot a whole new flight allow for so much other adventure? A whole new similar trip?)

It's easy not to do stand-up. (It's easy not to travel.) What if work soon comes naturally which will demand too much flying? What if I won't have any other flight to which I will want to put toward the voucher? All of these (Hollywood) stories are about taking weird chances and getting on weird shows, but, then, as well, I was mistakenly booked on the *previous* month's show, though, odds are I would have been let up at this night nonetheless.

Also, $20 in airport food vouchers isn't bad. That I can use. And, then, this wouldn't have been written, but who cares. Then, something else would have happened. Not worth thinking about. It's probably not worth thinking about. Don't even like L.A.