my bagel for a bagel

Well, I often take a lot of time and thinking and rethinking, actually, when writing these such things, but it's been a ridiculously crazy time the past couple of weeks, driving most days--Montreal-Halifax-NYC-Toronto, places in-between--and I'm just tired. So, I'm just going to put out here more or less as is a couple of bagel-related pieces--one written and one spoken--about what I think and feel about bagel.

Basically, I wrote a piece saying why Montreal bagels are superior to NYC bagels, and then some in fact quite kind hoo-ha wrote some junk arguing the opposite. Then we had a little debate-cum-argument over the radio*, as I was in a car and in traffic, about nine hours into a drive. We arrived, though, to the show on time, and did a good show. Then we went to sleep and drove again. But, now, bagels:

1) New York Bagels Suck (article) and

2) Joshua David Stein Variety Hour...Half Hour (radio)

*My mother writes that Joshua "kept interrupting you, and had too many objections. No wonder Helen couldn't give you justice."