lots of and too much

Lots of and too much has gone on and it seems or appears to be a shame to let it have all gone to waste so perhaps it need not at this time. Just little things, which, it sometimes seems, are what will make up a life and then you're ok to forget because you think that the idea is not to remember but live such that each you get more of this anew. For instance, there's a joke about having all of my mementos from my 20s thrown out accidentally and being upset by this on account of now no longer having anything to put around my room when in an old folks home so as to communicate to the nurses that I am or in fact was a real person and that I should be turned over because bed sores are terrible. Even as an invalid you can feel bed sores most likely.

Yesterday evening a man in the locker room of the place where I go swimming said hello and struck up a conversation as we undressed. It turns out he knew my name and that he was a listener of I Have a Problem and that he might have a problem already, stemming simply from what he'd heard on the episodes he'd listened to. Anyway, the point is that it's a nice thing to have formed some sort of a human relationship by way of little things put out into the world. Similarly, it kind of shocked me one evening to realize that this guy wanted to come to a performance but couldn't see any dates listed and so didn't. It had almost literally never occurred to me that people who actually enjoy comedy would want to refer to a Dates or Shows section of a site and so go to some shows. I'd only thought that all of this web presentation was for the sake of promoters and optics and festival programmers trying to get a sense of where you were and what you were doing in your weeks. So, anyway, there'll be some changes made today. Now there'll be a more of a genuine attempt to be genuine. (It's all performance, though, too.)