david heti is a stand-up comic sort of

he has one degree in philosophy and two in law

he has been called andy kaufman meets woody allen meets david heti

he is most likely in montreal, new york or toronto




comedy writing teaching (toronto)

comedy writing teaching (montreal)


'scarily drily funny'  -backtotheworld.net

'devastatingly original'  -ottawacomedy.com

'wickedly dark'  -Kreative Kontrol

'deftly subversive'  -The Comedy Network

'not really as cruel as he seems'  -Exclaim

'offbeat genius'  -The Scene Magazine

'solid nihilistic comedy'  -The Serious Comedy Site

'an (un)timely comedian'  -Schlemiel in Theory


'I have reviewed the information you have provided and the content of your material. given the mandate of the department of justice and our obligation as public servants to uphold the highest standard of integrity and fairness, I am of the view that your performance as a stand-up comic, as currently structured, constitutes a conflict of interest and raises significant concerns with respect to your ability to meet your obligations under the values and ethics code for the public service'  -Joel A. Oliver, A/Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Sector, Department of Justice Canada

'these are simply jokes'  -CJLO


'if the Dark Side has a comedy club, Heti is the headliner'  -The Serious Comedy Site

'fucking brilliant comic'  -Doug Stanhope


'David, you're NOT funny. Comedy is about helping people laugh, to escape from their troubles or PTSD, even if only for a few minutes. You are an inhuman monster that pummels your audience with reminders that cruelty and violence against women and gays are amusing and thrilling to perverts, sickos, and those who victimize others with their porn fantasies. Why promote such hate and pain? Castration and a lobotomy might improve your chances of understanding comedy, but we doubt it. People who attend a 'comedy' show are not your audience. Your brand of 'comedy' can only be appreciated and viciously reciprocated in a prison full of the most heinous sex offenders. You'd like that, or so you say. Please stay away from clubs and stop calling your public psychotic ramblings 'comedy.' IF WE COULD WE WOULD SUE YOU AND THE COMEDY CLUB FOR THE CRAP YOU SPEWED LAST NIGHT IN COLORADO, WE WOULD.'  -JD Wilson


'a painful mirror for us all to look into'  -my psychiatrist


labor/art/comedy market CV

selected group exhibitions // JFL, JFL42, Hell Yes Fest, Dark Comedy Fest, Altercation Fest, Cleveland Comedy Fest, Halifax Pop Explosion, Oddblock Comedy Fest, SF/Toronto/Montreal Sketchfests

teaching // comedy writing and a bit of history and philosophy at Montreal's McGill University and Toronto's Flying Books School of Reading & Writing

opining // on issues of comedy limits and theory from time to time on radio and television, in print and in person at conferences, fests, colloquia

joking // in Mississippi, Newfoundland, Reykjavik, California, Texas, Maine, London, New York / before Todd Barry, Brian Posehn, Eddie Pepitone, Jen Kirkman / at the Comedy Store, Studio, Factory, Line, Way, Mix, Basement etc.