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It was ok, an album of comedy by David Heti

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'outlandishly harsh and thought-provoking...a surreal warmth...a rare, endearing blend of stand-up and on the highest level'  -Exclaim

'nihilistic and wonder if you should actually be laughing...part of this album's weird sense of messed-up glee'  -The Comedy Network

'piquant and twistedly droll...self-deprecation to another level'  -Montreal Gazette

'David's comfort with discomfort borders on the epic'  -ChicagoNow

'the Holocaust, slavery, pedophilia, or how many penises God can fit in his mouth...dead babies and well as references to St. Augustine and Anselm of Canterbury' -The Serious Comedy Site

'understated absurdity...brutally funny truths that are wry and strange and eccentric and savagely honest'  -The Scene Magazine

'channeling the nightclub years of Woody Allen'  -Unscenecomedy

'thoughtful and deeply probing...from happiness to unhappiness'  -Schlemiel in Theory

'everyone could do with a little Heti in their lives...some stories exist to teach us what not to do, or what not to say'  -CJLO

'just when you've heard it all there's David Heti' -The Serious Comedy Site

'wicked funny'  -Doug Stanhope