to sir, with love

Below is a reproduction of an email. The text is presented as is, save for a lot of cleaning up of the spelling and grammar.


The Laugh Pack Late Show, 10:00pm

I wanted to let you know of something a group of us felt you needed to be made aware of. Myself and two friends went to the show The Laugh Pack Late Show and actually left when the comedian David Heti commented that "He would like to molest a little boy" and I even booed and he continued to talk about Fucking little boys. Now, I am sorry, there is funny and even adult-rated comedy, but this was distasteful and disgusting. We all commented about this as we left to the ticket vendor upstairs, and they said they did not hear the show. Even before the show even began the hosts commented that the audience only paid $5 for the show.

We have been to many shows, even the Nasty Just For Laughs Shows, free shows and many shows at the Comedy Nest, and must say this is the first time we felt disgusted and had to leave!

Seriously, I know The Segal Centre does not condone such filth and really does not bring them back!




The email was sent before I'd even left the stage. I was made aware of it only after show, however, when one of the theatre employees acted it out for everyone, as we all sat around outside, smoking and drinking and laughing.

If you're in Montreal this May, I encourage you to come to the Segal Centre on the 15th, when I'll be headlining the Laugh Pack Late Show.