Sometimes I'll be high and then when I'm high I'll record jokes or joke ideas which I think merit recording. The next morning, though, I'll have forgotten whatever it is I recorded. What I've put up here--no longer ten cents a recording--are those high recordings. I don't know what's on there--they're my jokes or incipient jokes of which I've no recollection--so you may know what they may be.

The idea was to make only ten--and ten only--available only for a dollar package only, and then you would be forced to choose which ten of the more than ten on offer you would listen to/hear/not listen to. I couldn't, however, work out the payment mechanism.

There was then this whole other thing that I tried, but then that also fell apart. That is, my site builder allows for total purchases of no less than fifty cents, and so I set it up such that if you wanted any recording, you would have to to purchase at least five recordings, for a total purchase of at least fifty cents, but I don't want to go into it why it didn't work.

Part of the whole idea of this whole idea was that you would have to commit at least something--i.e., the totally nominal fee--to hear the recordings, but then this site provider's design is so inelegant. Anyway, it didn't work, and the costs for myself would have been prohibitive, anyway, because no one's making money off fifty cents, and there was a fee for being able to do all this selling.

Anyway, again, so the essential thing is, really, what I wrote in the very first paragraph.

Below are the recordings. Every now and again I will take down the old or put up new recordings*. They will come and go.

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*all the recording titles are as recorded