It was ok, an album of comedy by David Heti

DnM_Apr 05 2016_102.jpg

It was ok, an album of comedy by David Heti is my first comedy album. Recorded at Grumpy's Bar in Montreal on January 1st, 2014, it was self-released before being picked up and re-released by Stand Up! Records.

It all feels so long ago now, but I remember being without a home on the day of the recording. I had simply gotten into Montreal for New Year's, done a couple of shows that night, and then gone home with someone. The next morning, after breakfast, I killed some time on the subway and then at a movie, and then went to Grumpy's and recorded the album. Much good stuff has come from that night.

It was ok is available on iTunes and everywhere else in both audio and video. If you'd like a physical CD/DVD, you can send me an email. The above photo has no association with the album.

It has been said about It was ok,

Outlandishly harsh and thought-provoking...a surreal warmth...a rare, endearing blend of stand-up and on the highest level.  -Exclaim

Nihilistic and wonder if you should actually be laughing...part of this album's weird sense of messed-up glee.  -The Comedy Network

Piquant and twistedly droll...self-deprecation to another level.  -Montreal Gazette

David's comfort with discomfort borders on the epic.  -ChicagoNow