And you will regret it

David-7 2.jpg

And you will regret it is my second album of comedy. Recorded at Grumpy's Bar in Montreal on January 1st, 2017, it is taking forever for it to come out. For many months the label releasing the album and I were not speaking, as we could not come to an agreement as to the cover art. Many nights of sleep were lost on both sides, I can only imagine, but I understand now that it should be available come October [no, now I have no idea]. Like the first album, And you will regret it will be released in both audio and video on Stand Up! Records.

I have felt more than a little bit down and creatively frustrated throughout the unending delay of the album's release, as the album's comedy and ideas expressed are so close to me and felt so urgent at the time. It was--and still is--a response to so much of the shit that art has been taking from the general cultural and political climate.

One friend in the comedy world who has already seen And you will regret it has said,

Your second hour was exactly what I'd hoped to see. The first was so spare and deliberate, an homage to the joke. It wouldn't have been worth your while to do another in the same vein. This seems to me a definite advance--still funny and singular, but with a striving for something that comes closer to expressing the way you think. It's late and I've been trawling through online archives all day, so I'm not putting this very well, but I thought I'd tell you that after setting a very high bar, this album didn't disappoint.

Another friend, also in the comedy world, said,

Just watched the special. Loved it. The second half was blistering. Almost clapped at the end out of reflex. Withering philosophy in the beginning and laser-guided comedy in the second half. That's what it felt like to me. Oh yeah, and the whole mother section beginning with that joke about coming out of your mother vs. coming into your mother was amazing. I laughed so hard at points I missed stuff.

It never occurred to me till this moment, but it's funny how largely the album is about conflict, comedy and anti-art, and there was all this butting of heads over the cover image and design (though for what reasons it's hard to get into).

That said, the photo above is what I was fighting for for months. It won't be the cover of the album, though. The girl in the background is my girlfriend and I love her.