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ok. so, the way that it works is that most nights one’s out trying out new jokes for the first time and old jokes in slightly different ways in all sorts of rooms and spaces. there’s this problem, I feel, when it comes to what kinds of (documented) performances to put out into the world, as there’s something to be said for both ecstatic and in-the-moment, relatively unconsidered stand-up comedy, as well as the more practiced and crafted kind too

so much of what stand-up is is lost when a comic performs with an audience in mind other than the one in front of him (i.e., cisgendered male heterosexual)

that said, here available are some of those more immediate and immediately honest sets. as downloadable for a nominal cost—though a cost nonetheless—perhaps only those who really care much for the other, more traditionally salable sets will really care to listen. I suppose, then, the idea is that if only those who already appreciate the finished comedy will listen, then few will be turned off by the process

also, well, comics need money too

I’ll only put up those sets which I think are somehow compelling for whatever reasons. and then maybe you won’t even share them with anyone, which would be very much appreciated