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Top Seven Schlemiels of 2015

Schlemiel in Theory 

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On political correctness in comedy, at 1:20

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Stand-up as Information Curation

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(Un)Happy Endings: Existential Reflections on "It was ok,..."

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The Serious Comedy Site

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The Friend Ship with Daniel Gauer (12/17/2016)

The Mostly Bull Market with Danny Lobell (10/26/2016)

The Astral Hustle (10/19/2016)

Arts in Review (UC Berkeley)

Brunch Buddies

Whiskey & Cigarettes

Super Hang Out WIth Me (A Myq Kaplan Podcast)

Hang Out With Me (A Myq Kaplan Podcast) (2/15/2016)

Dive Bar Mitzvah

The Friend Ship With Daniel Gauer

Easily UnAmused with Weston Unruh

Beer and Banter

The Road Podcast With JT Habersaat

Comedy Above the Pub Podcast (CATP) (7/31/2015)

Drink Drank Drew

Podcast with Raisins is a podcast my sister the writer Sheila Heti recorded with me

The Mike Drop with Mike Carrozza (7/1/2015)

Black by Popular Demand (4/7/2015)

Stop Podcasting Yourself (4/6/2015)

It's Funny Because (3/18/2015)

Jason Rouse's Safe Word (3/16/2015)

Kreative Kontrol (4/16/2014)

Utopia to Me? (3/3/2015)

Edge of the City (4/28/2014)

ReHash (9/9/2013)

Too Wet Too Burn (8/5/2014)

Bit Shop (3/16/2013)

The Secret Safety Word Podcast (12/1/2012)

Forever Young With Dean Young and Friends (7/11/2013)

this and that

How Do You Tell a Joke in Portland, Oregon?

Tie Modelling

Reported Decision

New York Bagels Suck (now with head shot for festival submission)

Wish You Were Her

It was ok, a short film

Comedy Writing

Elvis Lives At The Elvis Collingwood Festival (Sort Of)

Farewell Roast

Humour and the Holocaust

For the Ages


Paediatric Patient and Family-Centred Care: Ethical and Legal Issues

A Steak Dinner

A Silly Little Set Doing/Reading Comedy as Camus

The Best of Montreal Comedy Album

Sunday Night 

An Invitation

What the Buyer of an Album Would Have Received Pre-Stand Up! Records

The Kent Mann Chronicles

A Pocryphal Story of My Sister's

Not So Nice to My Sister